When should I implement an outbound prospecting strategy?

Outbound prospecting strategy is what keeps the sales cycle going because it provides leads to the Sales Development Representatives. A sales team with no prospects is a business with no revenue! When is the best time to concentrate on this strategy?

What is outbound prospecting?

Outbound prospecting is different from inbound prospecting. It allows you to target and generate direct contact with your prospects. There is a tremendous amount of direct channels like phone call, emails, social networks, exhibitions or seminars.

However, the problem of outbound prospecting is that, to be effective,  it requires huge amounts of sales resources because prospects are “cold.” Yet one of these prospecting channels can be automated, without compromising on quality, and thus generate direct and hot contacts, without being time-consuming. Did you guess it? It is the email!

Cold Emailing 2.0 is the ultimate outbound prospecting strategy

The goal of outbound prospecting is persuading your lead to trade and thus perceiving an interest. It is expressed by opening one of the emails you sent, by clicking on a link, and, ideally, by responding.

For implementing Cold Emailing 2.0, the process is made up of 4 simple steps:

  1. Define your Ideal Customer Profile 
  2. Retrieve lists of qualified and segmented prospects, for example, on professional social networks.
  3. Prepare a round of automated and personalized emails, in the subject and body: “Hello Title Last Name,…”
  4. Follow and analyze signs of interest, openings, clicks and responses.

When is the best moment to create your outbound prospecting strategy?

The advantage of an outbound strategy over an inbound marketing strategy is that the former gives power to sales representatives. That way, a Sales Development Representative can fuel his sales pipeline himself according to his needs. To increase the number of appointments, simply increase the number of prospects in the round of cold emailing. This would work in exactly the same way, if the SDR were overwhelmed by the number of demands.

So, you have to implement an outbound strategy as quickly as possible to allow your sales representatives to concentrate on their actual added value: discussing with interested prospects and generating revenue.

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