How to build your B2B sales machine? [Ebook]

B2B sales machine must be efficient and for that you have to create a worfklow optimized for your sales campaigns. Different methods exist on the market to find your future B2B clients.

At Datananas, we believe that a successful sales prospecting must integrate Outbound Sales process.

Create your B2B Sales Machine

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B2B sales machine is based on key concepts

It is not a magic tool. Indeed, but it will help you significantly. Before rushing on building it, you have to follow different steps like mastering the basics.

Besides, this ebook will go deep into staple notions such as Ideal Customer Profile, Outbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Qualification Call, Closer Call…

Define your Ideal Customer Profile

We won’t repeat it enough but one of the keystones of your B2B sales machine is knowing precise ICP.

Defining your ICP will allow you to:

  • Contact prospects who fit this profile
  • Efficiently qualify your prospects during the qualification call
  • Concentrate on prospects whose needs you are familiar with

Do you know the difference between Outbound Sales and Inbound Marketing ?

Let’s start by clear definitions.

  1. Outbound Sales : means that the first contact with your company was through a sales representative.
  2. Inbound Marketing : means that the prospect came to you of his own initiative.

In the ebook “How to build your B2B sales machine?”, you will also discover the pros and cons of each solution and why Outbound Sales helps you generate a qualitative prospects database.

By prospecting continuously, and not when your sales pipeline is empty, as many sales representatives do, you can obtain foreseeable and consistent results.

Stay only focus on your core business : selling and close deals! Not looking for opportunities but let them come to you.

Create your B2B Sales Machine

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Successful Outbound campaigns

B2B sales machine requires process. Datananas will share with you here best practices like how to write relevant sales emailings.  Have a look on our ebook dedicated to 28 prospecting emails templates, just for you ;)


  • Use suitable software
  • Send short emails
  • Personalize your approach
  • Don’t try to sell
  • Follow up and vary your approach

Last steps for your super B2B sales machine process :

10 minutes only to qualify your prospects, then get him into the demo. Now it is time to get your magic touch to close the deal :)

Create your B2B Sales Machine

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