How to write performing prospecting emails? [Ebook]

Before writing prospecting emails, it is important to appropriate basics concepts of prospecting machine. Indeed, emails templates, even very powerful, go together with a fine-tuned, automated and high-quality prospecting strategy.

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Let’s get back to online prospecting early stage. With the advent of the Internet,prospecting naturraly get digital and the email became one of the privileged tools to get in touch quickly with a prospect. Unfortunately, all salesmen develop this habit and all decision-makers’inboxes are overflowed.

On average, a prospect receives between 50 and 100 emails per day. You must stand out from the crowd!

In addition to distinguishing yourself through your approach, the tone of your email, or its relevance, the secret of all the best sales representatives is follow-up. They know how to not get discouraged, and above all, they know how to start with this simple principle: as long as the prospect has not confirmed a lack of interest, he is potentially interested. According to a study by, “44% of sales representatives give up after only one follow-up,” and “80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups.

To deal with these 2 situations, Outbound sales is the most effective approach.

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 Your prospecting emails must arouse curiosity.

The days of promotional emails are gone, those loaded with images and all sorts of brochures.  Even if it is very tempting to give all the useful elements to all the contacts of your newly-minted prospecting lists, very often you run the risk of producing the opposite effect. Your prospect will quickly understand that he is not your email’s only recipient, and that you are only interested in the estimate you might give him. You’re actually working backwards. You’re making a value proposition before knowing your prospective client’s needs.

On the contrary, it’s important to give your prospect the impression that he is the only recipient of your email. For that reason, you must be able to sum up your message in 2 or 3 sentences:

– Your value proposition, with one key benefit.

– A clear call to action, such as a question or a link.

He must be able to quickly answer with a “yes” or a “no,” or by clicking on the “forward” button, which gives you information about the right decision-maker.

You must personalized your emails.

Keep in mind that you must write your emails in a very personal way, as if you had only one recipient.  The best way to leave this impression is to use an email tool that allows you to add variable fields automatically. That way, your email will be genuinely unique for each one of your prospects. The most recommended variable fields are, for example, your prospect’s title, first and last name, and company name. But don’t limit your imagination. :)

What tools should you use?

To manage your emails in an automatic and personal way, it is essential to use our specialized tool.  Of course, many CRMs often offer email campaign sending as a native feature, but few allow you to create conditional follow-up or tracking scenarios, which use artificial intelligence to automatically interpret your prospects’ positive or negative responses.

It is also important to be able to track your prospects’ interactions with your emails. Has he opened an email? Has he clicked on a link?  Do you have performance statistics about each of your scenarios and each of the email templates?

Since we were dealing with this problem daily, we decided to create our own dedicated tool.

Now that you know the ins and outs of Outbound prospection, you will discover 28 prospecting emails templates we consider the most efficient. We based them from our own experience and our clients’ one whom have different issues.

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