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Which sales prospecting strategy should you adopt?

Improving the effectiveness of your sales team, optimizing your activity and organizing your work environment in order to reach your objectives in terms of...
2 min read

Comparing sales prospecting methods

Sales prospecting methods are a necessary part of a company’s sales strategy. Indeed, the definition of a global sales and marketing strategy is itself...
3 min read

How Big Data overturn the B2B prospecting?

Big Data, a true competitive asset, is revolutionizing sales prospecting. It is a fact that our society is more and more connected every day...
1 min read

How can you turn a client into an ambassador?

Transforming a lead into a brand ambassador is a considerable lever that is characterized by many actions. In fact, brand ambassadors can effectively promote...
1 min read

B2B prospecting methods : Cold Calling vs Cold Emailing

In France, many B2B companies focus their sales prospecting methods on phoning, or said otherwise, on cold calling. Conversely, cold emailing is often associated...
1 min read

What is Social Selling?

Social Media’s influence is inevitable and should not be considered only as private communication channels only. They are also a great tool for businesses!...
4 min read