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Account Based Sales Development

Inspired by Account Based Marketing, Account Based Sales Development (ABSD) takes the principles of ABM and adapts them to business development.
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4 qualities to test for recruiting a good sales representative

Recruiting is an art. Do you want to strengthen your sales team, but you are not sure how to recruit a good sales representative?
2 min read

What is a Sales Development Representative?

Sales Development Representative for English speakers is often mentioned, but this sales role is much more understated in French companies.
1 min read

How can you develop the motivation of your salesmen?

Motivation is the key to success. Indeed, for your sales representatives in their commercial tasks. It is an important factor in reaching the objectives...
3 min read

How do the best SDR qualify their prospects?

The role of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) is to decide whether a hot prospect is qualified enough to pass on to an Account...
1 min read

Analyze the statistics of your prospection emails

The secret for easily optimizing your prospection emails is knowing how to interpret their results! Don’t be afraid of marketing reporting anymore; adapt your...
2 min read

Why you should specialize your sales agents?

There are many benefits to specializing your sales agents. Here are some of the specializations that you can do and a few reasons why...
2 min read

10 Tips for Becoming a Prospection Jedi

Prospection may be a time-consuming and tedious task if you don’t master it. So here are 10 Jedi Master tips to improve the effectiveness...
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Coach Your Sales Representatives with Shadow Calls

Shadow Calls are useful to coach and train your sales representatives for their steady progression and for them to become Sales Superstars.
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How can you recruit the best salesman?

Recruiting the best salesman candidate to develop your business. Here is HubSpot’s method for recruiting only the best candidates.
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