Which sales prospecting strategy should you adopt?

Improving the effectiveness of your sales team, optimizing your activity and organizing your work environment in order to reach your objectives in terms of revenue is a core component of every company sales prospecting strategy.

To reach these objectives, sometimes seen as unreachable, it is essential to lay out a solid, viable and scalable strategy starting with a coherent sales prospecting strategy. Some organizations do not define a strategy ahead of time and test different methods or practices at random.

In that situation, and to help you build your sales prospecting strategy, the Datananas teams have taken a look around at the different methods for prospecting and engaging potential B2B clients.

A comprehensive strategy as a linchpin of your sales prospecting strategy

At Datananas, we are convinced that combining Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales strategies inside a more comprehensive strategy is one of the key success factor in sales prospecting.


Inbound Marketing: Visibility and lead generation

The Inbound Marketing strategy, which is built over the long term (six months, on average), allows you to produce and distribute very high quality content.

It is important to note that an Inbound Marketing strategy must be developed simultaneously and as a complement to an Outbound Sales strategy. The idea is to create a virtuous circle where the content produced in the Inbound Marketing strategy, generating conversions and capturing new leads, can be reused in the Outbound Sales strategy.

Lead Relationship Management (LRM) fits in quite good with this approach and, in our opinion, is the future of sales prospecting.


Lead Relationship Management

After activating your Inbound Marketing strategy, you must choose the combination of prospecting methods that are most appropriate to your activity and your organization. To help you with this, we have prepared a non-exhaustive list of the pros and cons for each different sales prospecting method.

However, many methods are not suitable for modern sales prospecting. Even today, many managers use their top sales representatives for cold calling. At Datananas we are convinced that preference should be given to automated and intelligent Cold Emailing. That is where you will see the added value of Lead Relationship Management.

Thanks to smart cold emailing, you are able to reach four times as many prospects as with a cold calling strategy.

Arthur Ollier, COO Datananas

Before you throw yourself wholeheartedly into this project, we remind you that you need to carefully define your “Ideal Customer Profile” (ICP).

The LRM method allows you to industrialize and automate the entire prospecting and lead generation process, without a single cold call. The idea is to set up a preliminary filter early in the calling phase in the form of a narrowly targeted, personalized, and automated email campaign. This will help your marketing and sales teams to generate a flow of qualified leads, and thus obtain a constant flow of meetings. This strategy incorporates the measurement of key elements of your sales prospecting so you are able to identify the highest-performing strategy and optimize your workload to reach your marketing and sales objectives.

We are aware that there is no flawless or perfect sales prospecting strategy. Each company must identify its strengths and weaknesses to come up with a viable strategy. We can simply advise you how to set up this strategy.

Now, it’s up to you! :)

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