12 Advices for your B2B Emailing Strategy

B2B emailing is hard, especially when you are prospecting. Here are 12 tips to improve you emails and your emailing strategy.

B2B Emailing Strategy

  1. 50 emails a day 1 is better than 3000 emails every 2 months : Better delivrability, it’s easier to handle answers …
  2. One email is not enough ! 2 You have to follow up several times (by email, phone, etc…)
  3. Always send emails to a “fresh” base (Avoid renting lists already used 100 times)
  4. Always send emails to nominative email adresses (and only to the right person in the company)

Subject lines for B2B emails

  1. Short subject lines work better. Try just « re: » with nothing else, you’ll be surprised
  2. Use something familiar In the subject line Such as the name of the prospect’s company
  3. Don’t tell too much ! Otherwise there is not need to even open the email

Email content

  1. Avoid images in your emails. Full-text emails work better for prospecting.
  2. Customize the content of the email as much as you can. The first name of the prospect is the minimum required…
  3. Be Short and concise. You must answer these questions a soon as possible : Who am I / What do I can / How can I help
  4. The email should look like it was sent manually. No Mailchimp badge, no unsubscribe link, your real signature with direct phone number, … You can even try to add a “sent from my iphone” at the and :)
  5. You email must end with a simple Call to Action : a question !

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