How can you turn a client into an ambassador?

Transforming a lead into a brand ambassador is a considerable lever that is characterized by many actions. In fact, brand ambassadors can effectively promote a company across their network and raise its brand awareness.

Implement a Lead Relationship Management (LRM) strategy for effective targeting

An LRM strategy includes all of the marketing and sales activities whose goal is to establish contact with a qualified lead. This strategy includes various topics from generation, qualification, and handling to closing deals.

Before starting any prospecting activity, it is important to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): the potential client defined as being in line with the product/service and who will naturally be more inclined to join in and recommend your product/service to his network.


Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales: get their attention

The objective of Inbound Marketing (or passive prospecting) is to position yourself as an influencer and an expert in your industry through quality content creation. This consists of attracting leads to your site by using all the channels available to you, before capturing their contact information.

At the same time, the 2.0 sales team is prospecting with automated relational emailing. In the context of an Outbound Sales strategy (or proactive prospecting), the key to success is to personalize as much as you can the way you approach your prospects and automate the entire follow-up process (up to five follow-ups may be necessary to obtain a reply).


Define the structure of your prospecting pipeline so you can better transform a lead into a brand ambassador

If the result of the first phone qualification by the Sales Development Representative is conclusive, then an Account Executive (AE) follows up on the conversation with the prospect and can offer him a demonstration before entering the negotiation phase.

In other cases a Lead Nurturing (or maturation) stage may be necessary and a new scenario of automated and personalized emails is activated. The core idea here is to regularly share high added value content with your lead in order to maintain his interest (Marketing automation).

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