Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Sales

If the role of the salesperson used to be producing more business opportunities, that’s no longer the case today. The internet now allows prospect customers to know everything about your offer. It even lets them see the comparison between your solution and your competitor’s solution. We truly believe that outbound sales is the future of sales prospecting methods.

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales: what’s that?

If you were to simplify, business opportunities can thus come from two sources:

  1. Outbound Sales: initial contact with your company came through a sales representative (through telephone prospecting, email or another medium)
  2. Inbound Marketing :the prospect comes to you himself by various channels, but particularly thanks to your content strategy

Inbound or Outbound: which one should you choose?

Inbound and Outbound are complementary. Choosing between one of these two levers would amount to leaving half the money on the table.

Inbound Marketing is a long term strategy because you will have write content on a regular basis, improve your referencing, and so on… However, this strategy allows you to keep a steady and continuous flow of leads in the long run.

Outbound Sales are put in place and allow you to get results very quickly: all you have to do is send out emails or pick up your telephone. However, if you bring your sales efforts to a halt, you will also bring about less leads.

Inbound will allow you to generally  get more leads (it however depends on your activity), which are also less qualified because you’ll be attracting a lot of curiosity. So, you’ll have to do some sorting.

So, between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales, choose both for a full business development strategy!



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