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Startups, 4 tips for recruiting your first sales representative

The one critical stage for start-ups is the creation of your sales team. When should you recruit your first sales representative? What profile should...
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How to build your B2B sales machine? [Ebook]

B2B sales machine must be efficient and for that you have to create a worfklow optimized for your sales campaigns. Different methods exist on...
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When should I implement an outbound prospecting strategy?

Outbound prospecting strategy is what keeps the sales cycle going because it provides leads to the Sales Development Representatives. A sales team with no...
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13 Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is currently the largest professional social network in the world, with over 420 million members. Nevertheless, LinkedIn stands out through its innovative strategy...
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How to write performing prospecting emails? [Ebook]

Before writing prospecting emails, it is important to appropriate basics concepts of prospecting machine. Indeed, emails templates, even very powerful, go together with a...
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How to fill in your sales representatives’ calendar?

If there is one thing that is important to us here at Datananas, it’s helping sales representatives avoid wasting their time on time-consuming tasks....
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What is Cold Calling 2.0 ?

Cold Calling 2.0 is a prospecting technique allowing you to prospect new accounts without Cold Calling. Cold Calling a prospect means that he does...
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Difference between Marketing Qualified Lead & Sales Qualified Lead?

In the ideal sales cycle, before becoming a client, your prospect is going to go through several qualification stages. Your prospect will evolve into...
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7 mistakes made in your Cold Emailing

Here are the seven deadly sins of Cold Emailing; the most frequent errors when you send cold emails for prospecting.
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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Sales

If the role of the salesperson used to be producing more business opportunities, that’s no longer the case today. The internet now allows prospect...
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