B2B prospecting methods : Cold Calling vs Cold Emailing

In France, many B2B companies focus their sales prospecting methods on phoning, or said otherwise, on cold calling. Conversely, cold emailing is often associated and related to Marketing, when it is actually a prospecting tool that offers numerous advantages.

Here’s a quick comparison between Cold Calling and Cold Emailing.

Cold Calling

Cold calling may the best option if you are in one or several of the following situations :

  • Your target market is small (Niche or major accounts)
  • You have an important average deal per customer
  • Your interlocutors do not use their email or at least no corporate email (Storekeepers, etc…)

Getting directly in touch with your interlocutor through a phone call allows you to save time.

In this case, the main challenge will rather be identifying the right interlocutor and obtaining his direct phone line or his cellphone number.


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Cold Emailing

If you are not part of one the cases previously quoted, then there is several advantages favouring prospecting emails :

  • cold calling is difficult and often demoralizing for your sales representatives: They face several setbacks with only a few responses.
  • Starting by sending a prospecting email allows us to only call the most interested prospects, and thus saving your sales representatives time!

Phoning is much more intrusive and time consuming, though both approaches are complementary. Sending an email does not exempt you from calling, but instead sets up better calling conditions: with an appointment, knowing who you are, with interest etc.

Naturally for this approach to work, you have to :

  • Stand out from the badly written 99% prospecting emails
  • Obtain lists of nominative professional emails


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