Welcome to Datananas !

Entrepreneurship is a tough experience. This is a true journey for startups : sometimes good, sometimes bad or a bit of both. But entrepreneurship stays a wonderful experience too. Thus we also have decided to embark on this adventure. Welcome to Datananas !

Welcome to Datananas

Because we are convinced that conventional prospecting (Cold Calling, Cold emailing by hand, etc.) is gradually disappearing in favor of B2B prospecting methods by cold emailing : we have founded Datananas and developped Datananas Outbound Sales !

So today we offer you a glimpse of our B2B solution with a short article in order to celebrate the launch of the Datananas journey! We hope that this will be the first of a long list, and we will tell you more about Datananas in future articles and what we are trying to build in another post.

If you want to know about our sales engagement software, our B2B prospecting methods and the organization of our sales and marketing teams, feel free create an account below ;)

Stay tuned and cheers !

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